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Freethunk! – Cartoons Edition, Collected from 2000 to 2009

Revised and Expanded,
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The Freethunk book collection has been revised for Kindle’s new format with panel zooming and restored cartoons. Previously I had published the book, originally in print, in two digital volumes due to the amount of data it might take to download. Data is pretty cheap these days so thankfully I can put it into one volume with two cartoons to a page in a landscape layout (similar to the cartoon books I grew up on, like The Far Side). With panel zooming, my book can be read on everything from Kindle to an iPad to a smartphone.

If you’ve never read Freethunk, the cartoon series started in 2000 and ran regularly up until about 2009. You’ll find favorite cartoons from the series scattered across the web as they’ve been reposted a multitude of times, claimed by other sites as their own and debated in forums. Revising the book was a bit of a rescue operation as I had to dig through back-up files to find reprintable versions of the original artwork–as well as clean them up digitally. I’m sure the reader will also be able to tell the early cartoons from the later cartoons. As most cartoonists will tell you, their artwork progressively improves with each drawing and we cringe at how bad our inking was in the beginning. But with cartooning the idea is more important than the drawing (or at least in my opinion) so slap the idea down on paper any way you can and move forward!

The purpose of the cartoon series, as an ex-Christian, was to have a sense of humor about religion and pseudoscience mainly aimed to entertain unbelievers, but I can tell you that Christians and other faiths have had a chuckle too even as they frown on certain cartoons that maybe cross a line. So I don’t want to scare people of faith from buying it, but let’s face it, whether it’s humor for the sake of humor or an editorial cartoon, Freethunk has been deemed blasphemous and offensive.

These days it’s not hard to find cartoons and humor on religion or entertaining material for atheists, agnostics and unbelievers of varying degrees. Back when Freethunk started it wasn’t as common and I found my cartoons generated more backlash and rejection. You could say there is a blasphemous nostalgia about the entire collection.

The next publishing project will be revising The Littlest Atheist for Kindle (which can still be read on this site for free) and then organizing Freethunk comics (strips and full size comic book pages done over the years) into one edition (another rescue job). Considering the ease of publishing with Kindle I would like to see other artists with freethinking cartoons and comics do the same. I occasionally receive emails from readers who ask what happened to such and such artist that I featured on the site and I normally have to respond that they simply disappeared along with their artwork.