‘The Billionaires’ Tea Party’ Movie Review

Since we’re in the political season and since America has just gotten seriously nutty with the upcoming election, I figured I’d catch up on some political video editiorials (documentaries). The Billionaires’ Tea Party is from 2010, but is definitely still relevant since Mitt Romney has been catering to this bunch (in particular the racist birthers). While I do realize that in every movement the absolute fringe is what’s caught on camera, director Taki Oldham is from outside the USA (he didn’t specify in the beginning but I assume it’s an Australian accent–I could be wrong though) and went in undercover to the Tea Party rallies and lectures…so what you see is what you get. Some Tea Partiers are calm, down to earth and frankly irrational and then some are completely insane like the woman who thinks Obama is out to get all nonblack people or another rallier who equated Obama with Hitler.

The Billionaires’ Tea Party —***Stars


Whenever someone throws out the Hitler word, left or right, I stop taking them seriously. In addition, the archaic references to communist Russia in association with Obama’s agenda are really the equivalent of the red fear in the fifties with Joe McCarthy (a position fulfilled now by Glenn Beck, thankfully he’s not a senator). The eerie part about what is captured in The Billionaires’ Tea Party is a religious zeal. This is a cult.

This is not to say the concerns of Tea Partiers are invalid. We all care about government waste, impositions on freedom and most importantly jobs. The problem is that the Tea Partiers are not being pragmatic. They are sticking to an ideology whether it works in every situation or not. I had to come to a moderate pragmatist position a couple years back after being Left then Libertarian then undecided. My conclusion is that it’s impossible for any political ideology to be completely correct.

For instance, the idea that all government is bad. No, it isn’t. The far left might vilify corporations in the same manner, but all corporations are not bad either. Some of what government does works and some of what government does fails. The same is true of big business. Government can also be a big bully, but the same is true of big business. The point is not to tear down government or big business, the point is to keep maintaining the checks and balances because power corrupts. We also need to consider if there are some things that government, subject to the will of the people, needs to provide including defense, infrastructure, environmental regulations and healthcare.

In the documentary, healthcare or “Obamacare” as it is derisively referred to, is the hottest button to push on a TP’s chest. And yet, for-profit healthcare should be questioned. Do we think bottom-line business structures are what’s best for sick people? I don’t know all the answers on this, but I do know there has to be some compromise. It’s interesting that even the Republicans make sure senior citizens know they won’t dismantle Medicare. Per Wiki, “Medicare is a national social insurance program, administered by the U.S. federal government since 1965, that guarantees access to health insurance for Americans ages 65 and older and younger people with disabilities…”  Hmm, kind of sounds like government run healthcare to me?

The other hot button is climate change and the consensus seems to be among all Tea Partiers that it is impossible for mankind to affect mother nature–which is the stupidest position ever. Even if climate change wasn’t agreed upon by mainstream science, of course there’s the potential for mankind to screw with mother nature. We’re the most powerful species on earth! The reason why most Tea Partiers deny climate change is honestly faith. They believe God made it so the earth could withstand humans. …However, God’s going to destroy this earth in the apocalypse because humans are damned sinners? Couldn’t part of that sin BE destroying nature?

The same people who deny climate change or dare I say “global warming” are the same people who deny evolution. It’s not that we know everything about  climate change yet and certainly there are alarmists who go too far, but let’s recognize that humans leave a footprint. It’s also not a communist plot to suggest we look for green alternatives to oil. That’s called progress–it’s called being smart.

The one thing about this film that absolutely appalled me was the Tea Party guerilla warfare tactics lecture. An ahole lecturer gave directions to go on to Amazon.com and rate liberal books and DVDs with one star. Then find far right books and DVDs and rate them with five stars–without reading or watching them!! And explicitly stated this. From the perspective of someone who has been rated and commented on and bashed thoroughly for my postings, published art and commentary, if Tea Partiers have followed this advice, you are completely dishonest and shameless. I have never–ever!–done this to a person with a counterpoint. I rate their talents as writers or filmmakers based on their intellectual capacity to make a good argument, whether or not I disagree with them does not matter.  Rating books and DVDs you have not seen is lying to the public in general. It’s a disgrace.

The Billionaires’ Tea Party is short and sweet as a film. I’m sure there are better TP representatives not depicted that could have been interviewed to create a more “fair and balanced” viewpoint and I’m sure there’s more to investigate. However, what is fueling this movement (and by now, there are suggestions that Americans are growing tired of Tea Partiers) is hatred of a black president whose name sounds Muslim, and a misunderstanding of his agenda. I don’t know if Obama is the best choice for America, but I know he’s not out destroy America either.

If Tea Partiers would stop with the hyperbole maybe there’s an intellectual discussion to be had. But remember, The Boston Tea Party was not about destroying government, it was a protest against lack of representation when taxed. And what happened after the American Revolution and we disavowed ourselves of the British government? We formed another government, one which allowed slavery, Native Americans were tread upon and where women didn’t get to vote. History isn’t always golden. We need to be careful to recognize progress and then set the appropriate limits to power.

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  1. This documentary is so one sided. Fine the Koch brothers founded this movement but I notice there is no mention about Obama and his administrations shady backgrounds mentioned anywhere. It shows how people were screaming to stop govt run healthcare but it was still shoved down our throats. This should have been a national vote. That is what this country is all about. I am a tea partier and I have not been influenced by the Koch brothers. I do my own research and Obama is running this country with no respect for the Constitution or even our laws. If you want to bash one side you should tell the other as well. You cannot ignore the facts about what Obama is all about. He is a socialist period-Bill Ayers anyone?? We don’t want him. Our news media has turned into nothing but a propaganda machine for him. Fox news is the only news outlet that tells this side of the story. Bash away but it’s too late. We know what we know about Obama and this is just another one sided opinion demonizing people that want this country to go back to it’s roots and restore the Republic. Why do you refuse to tell both sides of the story??

  2. Seriously? I think I gave a fair review: “I had to come to a moderate pragmatist position a couple years back after being Left then Libertarian then undecided. My conclusion is that it’s impossible for any political ideology to be completely correct.”

    If you’re that concerned, send me a review of a documentary with the opposite viewpoint/Obamacare scare, etc to publish on this site and we’ll link the two reviews together. But if you really think Fox News is the only outlet for truth, you’ve got to be kidding. Even I recognize MSNBC is liberal and FOX is conservative. They both have agendas to cater to certain audiences willing to eat up the hype.

  3. Actually you did. I apologize. Your review was fair. No not all government is bad and not all corporations are bad. You are correct we need a balance.

    This movie however was anything but fair. It took the longest time for me to figure out why the Democrats hated the Koch brothers and the Tea Party. It is a lot to try and catch up on when you fail to pay attention to what is really happening in politics at this level.

    I am so frustrated because most of the Liberals out there seriously believe that we are all working for the evil Koch brothers and that they planted the socialist idea in all our heads. When all of this started I was not paying the least bit of attention to politics. I listened to a radio show one night and it was Susan Lindauer telling her 9/11 story. That event always bothered me and that is when I started reading and investigating on my own. To my horror I have found that our government is so diseased with corruption. I was done with the Conservatives. I read her book and a few others with theories about 9/11 and there is clearly more there than we will ever know the truth about. That of course led me to the Democrats and what I have found here is even more chilling.

    Nobody suggested to me Obama was a Socialist-I was able to figure that out on my own just by his actions. The situation we find ourselves in today is something I would never have believed and yet here we are. This past election was without a doubt the nastiest thing I have ever seen. I don’t think there are a sleazier group of people on the planet than politicians. Hands down the Democrats win for stooping the lowest. I voted for Romney. I believe Romney is a decent man-not really fit for politics because of the sleaze however I think he would have done way better for the economy. Foreign affairs would have continued on as he would have put one of many life timers in there and all probably nothing would have changed much. I don’t have an answer for it. Our past misdeeds and just because we are what we are-it’s a no win situation for everyone in the middle east.

    I still fall on the conservative side of the house and I always will because big government does not work-ever. The money wasted is unthinkable. The old Republican party, McCain, Graham and others are clearly RINO’s. The new-I grade on how long they have been in Washington. Rubio, Rand are keepers for now but the longer they are in that disaster up there the further out of touch with people they will become.

    As for FOX- First of all they are the only conservative televised news outlet left that I know of. That right there is really creepy. You would think there would be several of each. And there are very few journalists left in this country. Most have become a mouthpiece for the administration and nothing more. I am always comparing news stories with various outlets online as well. I get probably 50 emails a day from Breitbart, News Max, WND, Fellowship of the Minds to name a few. I do read news from all kinds of places. I even got some news from Move On but finally had to put a stop because I couldn’t stomach the BS over the sequester anymore-yes he is still crying about it.

    I like Bill O’Reilly. Of all the commentators I feel like he does present facts. Yes he leans right but he is not off the charts conservative and tries to stay on point and make his guests stay on point.
    Hannity is clearly right wing all the way-I know it I am not blind and I know.
    Greta is all lawyer. Asks the questions even though you know the answer and is clearly frustrated with Congress over dragging all this out over Benghazi. She has asked over and over again why don’t you just subpoena these people to get answers, what are you waiting for?

    Are they perfect? Nope but I do fact check them and I don’t see them editing film clips or blatantly lying like the others. I don’t know about omitting stories-like do they just not report on things that make a Conservative look bad like that others? To my knowledge no. But I don’t have the time to read everything I get either. I personally have not seen any of those people lie about a news story. Slant it-yes but lie no. I know they have been called out on a few things in the past but off the top of my head I could not tell you what it was. I know they are not 100% but they are all we got for television.

  4. One other thing I wanted to mention is that this movie says the Koch brothers are responsible for the Global Warming debate. It implies that they just made it up out of thin air and Global Warming is a proven fact. That also is not true. There is a real debate in the Scientific community as to whether or not Global warming is a real thing or not. I do know that Al Gore, for one, has made a fortune from it and the government has wasted no time in jumping on the bandwagon by crippling whole energy industries and coming up with new and creative taxes and regulations to further burden us. Solar and wind have been available to us for decades. It should be affordable and most homes in this country should have and use it. It isn’t because the big money oil and gas giants along with government has been sweeping it aside as long as it has been around. Nobody was willing to advance those technologies because they can’t make money off of it every month. Both greedy corporations and greedy government are guilty. Most of us cannot afford to install solar or I would have done it years ago.
    This country is what it is because it’s a Republic. The fact that the Democrats want to literally change this is a bad thing. We need to go back. We need to dust off the Constitution and everyone should read it and understand it. Our freedoms have been disappearing for decades a little at a time and we don’t even realize we are no where near free anymore. Obama has been very successful in blaming one party for all of this. I cannot believe that the people in this country are swallowing this hook line and sinker. If anything the people should stand together against government. He has managed to turn us against one another.

    The true villain in all of this is government. They are the ones that hold the key. They pass the laws, they take the bribes they control it all. I know lobbyists are up there making big donations to get favorable legislation passed but it is the lawmakers that take those donations and push the agenda. It isn’t the people making 250K + a year and yet he has managed to demonize the wealthy.

    The president and the democrats have taken spin to full blown lying on a regular basis. Lying that is so blatant I am amazed that people in this country are so naïve, so uninformed. With the media in their pocket it’s making it easier and easier to deceive the masses. I used to wonder how these dictators were able to do the things they have done and I don’t wonder anymore. I am watching it take place right before my very eyes.

  5. No one in the Tea Party (or indeed anyone outside of anarchists) believes that “all government is bad”. Where do you get that nonsense? And there are many good reasons to be, at the least, highly suspicious of the global cooling, er warming, er climate change “movement.” There is no such thing as “mainstream” science: there are actual scientific hypotheses that are testable and falsifiable, and then there is the “consensus”, which is a political, and deeply unscientific, mode. Further, how many Tea Party rallies did you attend? I never saw a single instance of any kind of racism, and for you to carelessly repeat the vile accusation that Tea Partiers are generally motivated by racial animus is pathetic. Finally, if you cannot see the absurd fairy tales being ginned up by some on the left about the “evil” Koch brothers for what they are, they you really need to learn to think for yourself.

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