‘El Camino Christmas’ Had Potential But…

…But it fell apart. El Camino Christmas started out strong, put forth some interesting characters and built itself up to a cliche ending.

I was hoping for another winner of a cynical Christmas movie. This could have been the anti-Hallmark movie we needed to fend off all the syrupy sweetness of dating couples who discover the other partner is the son/daughter of Santa. And Tim Allen was a joyful surprise playing a drunk who flippantly let the word ‘fuck” fly out of his mouth.

It wasn’t meant to be. It felt like the director’s budget and time was pulled away from him. There were characters to develop, backstories to explore and instead we were rushed to an ending we’ve seen done much better. Fact is, I loved the locale of the mini-mart during Christmas in a “no one cares” kind of town.

It’s still worth watching, just don’t expect anything above a TV movie with swearing thrown in.

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