‘Good Luck Charlie’ Pokes Fun at New Age Pet Therapy

I’m a sucker for an old-fashioned cornball sitcom and Disney Channel specializes in them. What they have done with their line-up is create family viewing with rehashed sitcom plots from the seventies and early eighties when generally most TV comedies  were pretty harmless (exceptions might be All in the Family). Surprisingly, these new sitcoms often improve on many old gags and come up with some new twists. My only criticism to Disney Channel is that some of the show ideas like A.N.T. Farm could actually promote science and freethinking for brighter than average kids instead of catering to too much fluff.

With that said, as I was drawing I had Good Luck Charlie on which is pretty standard fare. An American family with some eccentricities and the usual trouble found in raising kids. This one was episode 11 from Season One (if you’re looking for it on Netflix) and has a storyline about the oldest daughter Teddy babysitting the neighbor’s cat named “Kaboodle.” The cat is determined to not be up to its usual playful self and so it is recommend to Teddy to have the patient examined by a doctor. The cat doctor who makes house calls, named Dr. Tish Tushee, ends up being a new age quack trying to explain the cat’s chakras and other mumbo jumbo while Teddy looks on confused and we hear the laugh track. In the end, Kaboodle just needed to poop. For a Disney episode, it was a nice little jab at new age pet therapy.

Like I said, I don’t expect much from a Disney sitcom, but I am finding bright spots here and there. There is one I want to mention later about A.N.T. Farm, but this episode from Good Luck Charlie would be perfect for freethinking parents to share with their kids. As a bonus, there’s another storyline in the show about honesty and being yourself–a simple moral value which is always good to teach (unless you’re a double agent for the government and you can’t be yourself, then you need to lie your ass off).

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