Ancient Blood Religion

I’ve always loved doing cartoons about secret societies, Satanists, and cults where one guy is singled out as being discovered as an infiltrator. It reminds me of all the movies I watched as a kid from Gunga Din to Young Sherlock Holmes to Indiana Jones. When I came up with this idea I figured this would be the most embarrassing way to be found out.

I wish National Geographicwould do a better job with their TV programming since they hold their magazine up to such high standards. It’s not horrible, there are some interesting specials, but there’s also a lot of junk that feels like it should be on another network like crime, construction and commercial products. I guess unfortunately they need to go for the masses when we already know that’s impossible. They obviously need a hit like Myth Busters or Ice Road Truckers and I’m not aware that any of their shows have reached that level of success yet. So maybe sending one of their own staff members ┬áto find a secret cult and film it somehow would be a hit. Wouldn’t it be nice to see something like that done to the JW’s or Mormons? They wouldn’t have the guts of course, but I would be glued to my TV if they did.

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