God Designs The Ass Cartoon

This cartoon about God designing the ass always stands out, even with my old artwork. It was portrayal of an absolutely stupid moment in creation, but you have to think about it. God designed the ass, if you believe he designed everything. He thought to himself, “I will make crap come out of here but nothing goes in according to my anti-gay rules.” Of course, there’s no mention in the Bible if women are allowed to stick things in their ass as you don’t see too many Christian men protesting against that.

The original idea was actually inspired by a conversation in theology class when I was attempting to be a youth pastor. I’m not sure how it came about, but the reason God sliced our buns vertically is that if he sliced them horizontally we couldn’t enjoy playground slides–or rear ends would go “bumpity-bumpity” all the way down.

If God is real, wouldn’t this be the conversation to have with him over a beer and laugh your “ass” off?

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