Invertebrates Science Cartoon

This is just a weird cartoon for the sake of being weird. I think I got the idea from Bullshit: Season One when they investigated chiropractors.

I have to say I got my skepticism about chiropractic care from my Dad, who is doctor, after some of my relatives had oddball run-ins with chiropractors who thought they could cure cancer or other maladies by manipulating the spine. There are legitimate chiropractors, but because of my childhood I avoided them when I threw my back out the first time. The second time my wife prompted me to go and I was in so much pain I didn’t argue.

After visiting the good doc several times I began to realize that while the manipulations felt good it seemed that resting the back and using ice packs did the trick. Also, doing weekly back exercises helped prevent injury. I just couldn’t tell if cracking my spine did anything at all. I always loved cracking my spine on my own when I felt my back get stiff–just twist the side and pop, pop, pop. But that’s more like a burp or relieving a discomfort or I don’t know what to compare it too. Is there really any conclusive evidence that spine manipulation makes a difference or is it wishful thinking?

It seems to me if you get a back injury you simply ice it down, lay flat and rest. As you heal you can use heat and some light massage. I’m not sure there’s much more to it with the exception of actual back surgery. I could be wrong but I certainly remember paying quite a bit for adjustments that took 5 minutes.

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