Favorite Jesus Halloween Cartoon

One of my earliest religious parodies was a zombie cartoon of sorts. Like many of you, I love zombie movies and the familiar character of the slow moving, decaying neighbor looking for flesh to eat. The gag was begging to be done. I believe this Jesus drawing was done in 2000 or 2001 (as you can tell from the artwork–honest, I’ve improved). It was such a simple idea which reflected an alternate view about raising from the dead that it has persisted as a favorite Freethunk cartoon since then.

For you cartooning geeks, at the time I inked everything with brush which is why all my early material is very loose. Growing up, I was influenced by magazine cartoons. If you have sat down to read a best of book of sixties magazine cartoons, such as I did at my local library, then you would remember the whooshes and strokes and shading with cross hatching and stippling. Since then I’ve tightened up my style with using Micron pens, but brush strokes have a nostalgic feel for me.

Christians don’t blink when they talk about people raising from the dead and yet the Biblical stories could be considered the stuff of horror. How Jesus raising from the dead is a sacrifice I’ll never know (aren’t sacrifices called “sacrifices” because they’re permanent?). Also, in the Old Testament, couldn’t God have raised the animals he demanded be sacrificed from the dead too? Those poor animals had to give up their lives for nothing–I mean Jesus should have come a lot earlier.

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