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The one thing you can say about the Mormon church is that it is persistent. It is equivalent to a sales force that will win converts no matter the embarrassment or rejection. I’m not sure if the church allows for its young people to dress casual yet, but Mormons on bikes in nice clothes are a dead give-a-away to run unless you want to hear the pitch.

Many readers liked this cartoon because it epitomizes the relentless pursuit to win converts. I have to wonder why Jehovah’s Witnesses haven’t been as successful as Mormons but it probably has to do with being killjoys–no birthdays, Christmas, etc.

UPDATE: I have been corrected by a reader comment and it seems like a valid point–JW’s are growing faster! See,, and So theology is apparently more important with Jehovah’s Witnesses which is sad–take a look at the beliefs and scholarship of JW’s. But I’m happy to concede that excluding birthdays and holidays has not stopped JW’s from beating the Mormons. I think at the time I was writing I was thinking more of the inroads that Mormonism had made into our media culture with Glenn Beck and Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney out in the forefront who have not been slaughtered by the Christian right.  There is a list of JW celebrities too outside of politics, but I think JW’s still have a poorer reputation in comparison to Mormons (correct me again if I’m wrong!).

If any Mormons are reading this I guess you have to catch up. My apologies for understimating the gullibility of both Mormons and JW’s and I will try not to make that mistake again.

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  1. Actually, Jehovah’s Witnesses are about three times more successful than the Mormons, and here is why:

    The Pew Survey on Religions in America this year showed that Jehovah’s Witnesses had a 4.4% increase in 2009, and the Mormons a 4.2% increase ,,, so right off the bat that is more, however, Mormans count attendance ( as far as I know, and I could be mistaken) but Jehovah’s Witnesses ONLY count as existing members those that are ACTIVELY preaching the word of God and are Baptized members in good standing …. so from a much smaller pool of candidates JWs reported 4.4% increase.

    If the Mormons counted like the JWs do, or the JWs counted like the Mormons do, my best guess as a retired engineer is that the stats would be in the first case about 1.3% for the Mormons, and and 4.4% for the JWs, or, looking at it the other way … 4.2% for the Mormons and somewhere around 13% for the JWs.

    So…the presumption that you gotta have FUN (No birthdays, or Christmas..etc…) to attract membership is proven wrong by the facts., as there are people who yearn for truth in Theology, and the idea of “FUN” never even occurs to them.

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