Something from Nothing Big Bang Comic Strip

You’ll find this comic strip on one of the old school Freethunk pages before the site was revamped into a WP theme, but I reread it again and seeing as how the latest item making the popular posts list is on The Big Bang Theory I figure it would be appropriate to post again. The point here is not to prove the Big Bang but to ask Christian literalists to apply the same logic they throw at the Big Bang Theory to their own god.

It is ironic that Christian literalists like to try to make the Big Bang and Evolutionary Theory into fantasy and yet their solution is a god who can do anything and everything and “poof” the universe and everything in it appears in 6 days..sort of like, oh–magic! Why 6 days? If God is all powerful why not 1 second or why even a second if we’re going to go into the realm of the fantastic. The 6 day narrative seems obvious that it is a convenient way to tell a story; it follows a format that is comfortable with how a creation myth might be told in the ancient world.

So your god came from nothing and therefore he can create everything? That’s not fantasy?!! And this god is unverifiable so you have to have faith instead of using scientific inquiry to find out if he really exists or if he was made up or possibly if you even have the wrong god?

The fair solution if you believe the Big Bang to be fantasy is to not jump to another fantasy. It is to wait for another, more logical solution with evidence. As it stands, the Big Bang is accumulating evidence, enough so that within the scientific community and amongst theistic evolutionists it is a nonissue. Unlike Christians with their god, science doesn’t claim to know everything at once. It is a process of piecing together the puzzle. When there are so many interlocking pieces in the puzzle that you begin to make out the picture it serves as scientific fact. All that is left is to continue to find the remaining puzzle pieces which may take a short time or a long time, but science never stops investigating or asking how something happened or debating. They just don’t want to take a huge step backward, throw up their hands and fill in the blank with god.

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