The Covenant of Circumcision Cartoon

Here’s a religious cartoon I drew very early on when I started cartooning–the idea is actually so old that I was a Christian at the time. This was a little before the Internet was on every one’s minds and writing and art were being done through ‘zines or what they call “underground magazines.” Tower Records at the time actually sold many of these ‘zines which gave them a boost–most of them concerned music though. I did, however, talk myself into Tower Records and got my Christian comics on the shelves, including a series that I believe had this cartoon (though not this drawn version) in it. I didn’t sell one damn copy.

Later on in 2000 when I started cartooning with an atheist mindset, I dug up my old cartoons to see which ones might still be funny. There are some that cross barriers whether you believe in God or not. This one always seemed to crack people up because they immediately recognized the anxiety of the man asking Abraham about this new Covenant of Circumcision. I mean who the hell would come up with the idea to cut part of your dick off to please God? Circumcision is one of the biggest scams on western society. We don’t even know why we do it? Some say health reasons, but that’s nonsense because everything can be washed. Others do it because of Christian tradition but then Paul said in The New Testament that it wasn’t necessary for gentiles to be circumcised.

What it is is unrecognized mutilation similar to the genital mutilation women face in the Middle East. It is said that the foreskin moving back and forth might cause more sexual stimulation–in other words it is easier to masturbate. Certainly we would not want little boys to have that option.

2 thoughts on “The Covenant of Circumcision Cartoon

  1. Came across your cartoon looking for another one about circumcision, I love it and I agree wholly. It is too bad that it was wiped off that ballot in San Francisco, it is illegal to cut girls here in America but somehow the boys are not granted that same immunity.

  2. It is already illegal to cut off a non-consenting baby boy’s foreskin, but the law is not enforced because Jews and Muslims object, and some other, misguided, parents insist on it. Not forgetting that it is lucrative for doctors and hospitals.

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