Bedtime Prayers Comic Strip

What if you’re really tired one night and you say your bedtime prayers but because of your fatigued state it wasn’t your best stuff?  Is it like an email where once it’s sent you can’t “unsend” it?  Can you cancel your bedtime prayers the morning after if you feel you left something out and redo it the next night?  Does each bedtime prayer void the previous nights prayer?   What if you’re really tired and “half-ass” it  just for the sake of getting it over with so you can go to bed?  Not unlike the last few sentences I’ve just written.  But maybe tomorrow morning I’ll feel differently.

Freethunk Admin: I remember as a kid I figured instead of praying for mom, dad, my sisters, brother and then the president, some sick person at church, etc., that I’d just use a blanket statement: “God, bless the whole world.” That way you get your prayer done and you don’t leave anybody out. …Also, is it wrong to pray for Satan’s salvation? I never did it, but I’m thinking if Christians are to love their enemies–he’s the biggest enemy of all!

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