Bible Belt Premier Comic Strip – Genesis

From the Artist: I remember being forced by my parents to attend Sunday school when I was a kid.  I would pass the boredom by finding silly passages in the bible and make fun of them, kinda like what I’m doing right now.  Nice to know I haven’t matured much in 30 years.

Comment from Freethunk Site Owner: This artist contacted me about the new comic strip he was working on called “Bible Belt.” I expected to see some of the usual gag cartoons but was impressed to see a daily comic strip good enough to be syndicated in newspapers. That’s why I describe Bible Belt as “…like reading your favorite newspaper funny, but one that would result in mass complaints.” Being that I grew up on newspaper funnies and am a huge fan of the genre this comic strip both entails the nostalgia of those classics but with the new edge we need when religion is still dominating our culture. We’re promoting this feature on Freethunk because it needs to be seen and join a handful of dedicated cartoon series wanting to create humorous characters to remind us “we’re not crazy, they are.”

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