Galileo and Condoms

I wonder what Galileo would think if he were around today?  I’m sure he’d be pleased to find out that his contributions to science have lead to even greater discoveries.  Moons have been named after him, satellites as well.  I’d bet he’d be a bit disappointed though to discover that in the year 2010 religion is still around and people are still fed the same fairy tales that he would have heard.  Without the threat of prison or execution you know he’d have some things to say to the church now…

One thought on “Galileo and Condoms

  1. wonder if this comment will ever be read? =) Galileo was very popular with high ranking religious people. main reason he wasn’t executed with the other astronomers. he praised god highly in his books as well as in discussions with said people. doubt very much he was even remotely atheist. he just defied the pope once when he left in banned science such as documenting sunspots in his last book. yes, this is a simplistic take on a complex situation. the 21st century pope has an interesting view on this.

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