God Loves Fatties

I love watching all those exercise machine commercials you see on TV, some endorsed by celebs.  My favorites are the ones that show a guy with a 6-pack or a beautiful woman with not a bit of body fat doing a few of the exercises.  People actually believe if they do 20 minutes of swinging their hips around or squeezing their knees together a few times a week they’ll look like these people.  Then after a year or so of being under the bed the equipment ends up on the front lawn for a yard sale.  And that’s when I buy it and think about how clever I am before storing it under my bed.

Freethunk Admin: Anyone seen the new infomercials for a dumbbell-like product intended to target your arms? The thing is, you jerk it back and forth in front of you so a loose weight inside the thing goes back and forth and, well, it looks pretty obscene.

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