God Wants Prayer Calluses

Muslims pray in a specific direction so that they’re pointed towards Mecca.  It’s like a radio signal, the more accurately you’re lined up to Mecca the clearer the “signal” will be for Allah to hear you.  I know what you’re thinking, “But what about the curvature of the earth.  Aren’t they just praying off into space?” No you fool.  Again, it’s like radio signals with the radio waves bouncing off the ionosphere and back to earth.  Google it.  Or ask Allah.  Just make sure you’re pointed in the right direction.

One thought on “God Wants Prayer Calluses

  1. well, the point of facing a specific direction is the unity not so that God can hear us better. I don’t know if you’re just being funny or that you actually thought that this is the reason of facing specific direction. and God says in the Quran: (To Allah belong the east and the West: Whithersoever ye turn, there is the presence of Allah. For Allah is all-Pervading, all-Knowing.) so that answer your confusion.
    And I don’t understand why you would put a carton including a christian person and the comment about Muslims !!.

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