Hiding from the Jehovah’s Witnesses

We never hid in my household.  Our parents just told us not to answer the door.  I always found it confusing why we were told to just keep going about our business while ignoring the people ringing the doorbell wanting to talk to us.  Like all of life’s lessons however, you eventually learn the reasons why in time.  Is ignoring them the right thing?   Can we gain something from hearing their point of view?  Should tazering in these situations be considered acceptable?  You’ll know the right thing to do when the time comes.  Hopefully before you open the door and realize who they are.

Freethunk Admin: Frankly, I have no problem talking to Jehovah’s Witnesses or Mormons at the door if I have time or if they have time. They usually get frustrated with my answering all their questions with more challenging questions and leave me along. My hope is that, as they were set to evangelize me, I put some doubt into their belief system. Plus I love being super polite to people who expect me to be an a-hole just because I’m an atheist.

One thought on “Hiding from the Jehovah’s Witnesses

  1. @Freethunk Admin:
    have to admit I am with you on this one – getting them inside, sitting down and with a cup of tea in their hand – captive audience!
    Since most JWs bring ‘apprentices’ with them, it can sometimes get pretty interesting and an amazing discussion ensues!
    The planet 6000 years old in light of physics? Light speed, Doppler effect, spectrography etc.

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