Leave the Shroud of Turin Alone

As long as something looks old and really cool everyone wants to see it.  Have you ever seen those people lining up on the Antiques Road Show?  No I’m not talking about the people themselves (although they usually are antiques as well), but some of that stuff wouldn’t be worth a second glance other than the fact it’s 500 years old.  An interesting story to go along with it–and it’s that much more interesting!  But my favourite part is when you can actually see the dollar signs flash in their eyes when they find out the value of the object and you can tell they’d pawn off great grandma’s Ming dynasty porcelain water pitcher in a second if they could get that amount from somebody.

One thought on “Leave the Shroud of Turin Alone

  1. the catholic church has never said the shroud was real from the start. they dismissed it at the time it was found. of course they never said anything against it or tried to supress it as fake. let the people decide.

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