Noah’s Ark Replica

Everyone needs a hobby.  Hours of peaceful enjoyment building, painting, collecting – whatever it is.  It gives you something to look back on later in life and appreciate the amount of work and money spent doing something you love.   Then one day you come home and discover your wife donated your entire Wayne Gretzky hockey card collection to a local charity.  Thanks for the memories, Wayne.

One thought on “Noah’s Ark Replica

  1. now you’ve done it. i was a comic fanatic as a child and kept my comics in excellent conditon and such. went to college. found out how much the first 5 comics of several series was worth. $1,000 each and i had several straight years of those comics each. figured out i had around 35K im comics. went home to get them and pay for my college education. mother hated comics and had thrown them out, but at least she had kept all my elemtary school work and report cards though not as neatly as i had kept my comics.
    BTW one of those first comics was worth well over 100K in the year 2000. not that i would have still had it.

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