Role Model Crushed

When you hear about convicted felons finding God and becoming ministers in prisons, isn’t it delightful?  It makes you want to shout “praise Jesus!” and think that people can truly turn their lives around with the help of God.  Now why God didn’t step in until after this person robbed a convenience store and shot the cashier is a bit baffling, but at least he fixed his mistake in the end.

One thought on “Role Model Crushed

  1. always loved this one. bible says the act is immoral, jesus says go and sin no more to a prostitute. religious leaders say hate the sin, not the sinner. there are many christian gays who are virgins (can i say that here?), practice what they believe but are rejected for what they are born. of course many xian communities say you turn gay, not born gay. haven’t found anyone who could explain how one can be tempted from lovely curvacious females to hairy ugly males? pardon my internet speak, lazy.

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