Atheist Intolerance Cartoon

So am I parodying atheists here but insulting Christians indirectly? To be honest, I was just making an observation that I thought was funny. As much as atheists sometimes want to be tolerant, sometimes they just can’t help themselves. ¬†OR there are unapologetic atheists who really do think all Christians are stupid. OR there are freethinkers who think a majority of the population is stupid.

Putting cartoon stereotypes aside, I can’t generalize like that as there are plenty of atheists who have made dumb comments (myself included) and throughout history have believed some dumb things. Usually what we perceive as stupid is better defined as “irrationality.” Because otherwise you’re discounting some geniuses of the past who were either Christians or believed in God. But with that said, even smart Christians have to acknowledge that there’s some really stupid Christians, or dare I say stupid when it comes to knowing their own religion? I would have to say quite a large percentage given the herd mentality seen with politics.

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