BET, Black Entertainment Television Exploits Viewers

Just in time for Black History month–I said I wasn’t going to let this go and maybe I’ll be the lone voice in the wilderness but I think BET is shameful for giving airtime to Peter Popoff. It’s one thing to give airtime to the likes of questionable “motivational” preachers or informercials, etc, but Popoff’s fraud is documented.

If you think this cartoon turns an intelligent black man into a gangsta–you got the point. By taking Popoff’s money and allowing him to exploit African American viewers, many of whom have debt problems in this crappy economy, BET execs have lowered themselves to the street. I know business is all about the money and that it may not be as simple as one person saying “no” to Popoff but there has to be a black man or woman in the BET Hierarchy with a conscience that can speak their mind. Sell airtime to Popoff on the Travel Channel or some other channel–stop targeting black people though!

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