God Defends Suffering Question

I know someone who isn’t a Christian literalist (as there are so  many different types of Christians that I’m going to have to start categories) is going to say this is juvenile viewpoint. That’s the problem, though. According to a Reuters article on polling beliefs, 62 percent of Americans believe in a literal Hell with a literal devil. The other percentage has found a way around the literalism, from interpreting hell as a  metaphor for separation from God to saying there is no such place as Hell altogether.

This is, for all intense purposes, a “back to basics” cartoon as a reminder that if there is a literal Hell it was created by God–who is the creator of all things. It is not, as an excuse, a byproduct of sin. Sin did not magically create the place of Hell when Adam & Eve left the garden. God formed it for sinners, however you want to imagine it–dark and desolate, or full of fire. Therefore God created a place intended for suffering. A torture chamber or an isolation tank.

How is it that belief in God is such an all or nothing game? We as a  society tell individuals that if they steal they will be locked up in our manmade prisons. They may not believe us until it happens, but we have reasonable sentences to fit the crime. With God, when it happens you’re there forever regardless if you’re Hitler or Albert Schweitzer. And don’t get into the atonement substitution using Jesus as a scapegoat so we can be viewed as perfect. If God is all  powerful he would not need such drama. He would snap his fingers and say, “You’ve served you’re time. Sins gone. Come on up to Heaven.” The whole business is pretty stupid and petty. God apparently has to rely on sacrifices to tolerate his creation.

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