God is Good Comic Strip

I finally decided to put this criticism into a comic strip as it makes it more obvious. Christians, or at least traditional Christians, will not want to separate “Good” from “God” because it opens up God to judgment by the standards of good. Thou shalt not murder, falling into the standards of good, then applies to God who has murdered on numerous occasions–and we’re not talking the execution of the guilty unless you believe in collective guilt (which leads to genocide) so that children can be put to the sword along with their fathers and mothers. The Flood, Korah, and the Joshua Campaigns as examples.

Christians further have a problem with absolutes as there is no absolute good, it is relative to God and his whims. In this manner good is “subjective.” For instance, I would not call what God did in the story of Job good, regardless if he made up for it after allowing for the killing of Job’s sons and daughters with a replacement family. My family are not like pets that can be killed and so easily replaced.

In regards to this comic strip, Christians can say that God would never rape a little girl, but what they can’t say is that if he did–that it would be evil. If God did rape, it would be good as good is not separate from God. Whatever God does is good and that is a bad definition of good.

If you would like to read more about murder in the Bible, visit one of my favorite sites EvilBible.com

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