God or Birth Control Cartoon

You’ll hear me repeat this one a lot but as I have had prior experience rubbing shoulders with the anti-abortion fringe and I know that birth control is a real issue with them (not to use it). And the fringe has a point. If you’re a Christian woman and you believe in the literal truth of the Bible then God is in charge of the womb not you. So what the hell are you doing taking birth control? Or do you not have faith in God to give you children in a manner that you can afford and take care of? It seems to me the modern Christian woman has more faith in birth control (verifiable medical science) than in God. From the viewpoint of an atheist, hey, I agree with medical science, but when you look down on an atheist woman living her life free from your God’s restraints then please get your own house in order.

Abortion is a separate issue and a valid debate, do not confuse the two here. I’m just asking how far faith extends as birth control has freed women from being housewives and they can preach, sing, write books, have careers and run businesses. Sure they can do that with having an occasional kid but not one every year. Women use birth control to control their own lives, not prayer or faith. If God didn’t want you to have kids, wouldn’t he have given you control over it without the intervention of science? This is his design after all?

Here’s some interesting articles on the subject:

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Christian Family Planning: “Sex, Abortion, Birth Control and Christianity” (Hmm, did you know birth control can act like an abortifacient? How many mini-abortions are Christian pro-life women responsible for? Murderers!)

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