Hairless Adam Commentary Comic

Yes, I know, an odd, random thought that came to me and I just started drawing. But it’s true, hair on the body is impure in religious art, even the newer comics. Try doing a Google search for Adam and Eve and take a look at all of the classical artwork–no hair! I believe hair may represent our earthly sexual desires–it’s more animal-like. It reminds you of sex (think Sean Connery without a shirt on). Interestingly enough, modern porn likes to shave off hair down below, not for the sake of purity but so you can see everything clearly. Thus they have thwarted the artists of Adam.

I’m sure there’s more to it than that, but find me a hairy Adam…must be one somewhere?

One thought on “Hairless Adam Commentary Comic

  1. I believe that porn and traditional art DO both show hairlessness for the same reason; it’s more childlike. The thing about the time when everyone believed was that they believed ALL that hogwash; the essential purity of pre-fall Adam is just another example. I seem to remember the occasional medieval Mary with a dress that fell to mid-calf, and I’m sure I’m sure they had hairless legs as well.

    Of course, making pornstars look younger is a sop to their claim to be teens, even when the performer is into her 30s.

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