I’m a Mormon Parody

There’s a lot the Mormon Church isn’t telling you when they put out their very clever marketing scheme of showing good, wholesome Americans with accomplishments who then end the commerical by saying they are Mormon–but nothing actually about what Mormons believe as far as doctrines. One of their beliefs is that they can attain godhood and rule their own planet.

Here is one of the “I’m a Mormon” commercials, then see one of the newer response videos below:

There’s a whole series of these called “I’m an ExMormon” with a website to match. Some very interesting stories of leaving the Mormon Church and the reasons why they did it. This is actually one of the flaws in the marketing of the “I Am a Mormon” videos. Response videos are relatively inexpensive to do and they get posted on YouTube so they are listed on the right of any pro-Mormon video.

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