Jeff Burns in Hell

Yes, I decided to burn myself in Hell for this week’s Freethunk cartoon. I figured it was a nice fit for Halloween, which is today of course. Actually, this piece of paper was set up for another comic strip and I was doing some cleaning and found it. Whenever I find a blank template for a comic strip, it just begs to be drawn on. So it’s not the usual page size.

There seem to be multiple beliefs in what Hell is but the prevailing one amongst Evangelical Christians is that it is a literal place and that you literally burn. But how does that work when you don’t  have a physical body? Some have tried to explain it that your soul is burning because you are separated from God and others just say you feel the sensation of burning. It really doesn’t make sense. It’s the same problem ghost hunters have when they try to explain why it is possible to detect a nonphysical entity with physical equipment. It also presented a problem to Frank Peretti and other Christian fiction authors when they tried to present angelic warfare–the demon being killed goes “poof” instead of any bloodletting.

Does the soul have pain receptors? How can we examine this? Maybe it is all a trick and our soul can’t feel pain? Therefore, while Hell might be boring or lonely, you’re not really tortured. I think boredom would still be punishment but it’s not very sexy for Christians to espouse. “Believe in Christ or be bored forever in the afterlife!’

Christianity is out to scare you, much like a Halloween prank. Don’t be suckered!

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