Jesus Faces Real Temptation Cartoon

The last cartoon of Valentine week on Freethunk. Thanks for reading!

I question whether Jesus really faced all of the temptations we do as “mortals.” Is sexual temptation ever brought up in the gospels? And would it be a sin for Jesus to have sex (within marriage), but possibly block his sperm from finding the egg to avoid some hybrid being born? Otherwise sex is a sin in of itself I guess? I don’t see the problem with Jesus having sex as a man, it would be normal. As a teenager, if he were truly human (as well as God) he would have had wet dreams anyways. How is placing your member in a hole impure? It’s all natural and he created it, since he’s God.

One thought on “Jesus Faces Real Temptation Cartoon

  1. I don’t think it was a sin for Jesus to take a wife. I think it would have been morally wrong for Jesus to take a wife, never be there for her, never be there his children, not be able to provide for them, because he’s traveling and teaching the word of god, and dying young and leaving his wife and children as a widow and orphans.

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