Joni Lamb Reveals an Affair Cartoon

If you don’t know what this Joni Lamb comic strip is in reference too, view the original Freethunk News Bite post that has  her Daystar Television confession with Marcus Lamb (her hubby) sitting next to her. Yes, this is a smartass reaction to the confession because there’s more to the story than just an affair. It is televangelism trying to maintain its illusion of a “Christ-likeness” when it is just more “Hollywood.” I don’t bother to judge Hollywood because it really doesn’t matter who is cheating on who or who is divorcing who. Those celebrities rarely are in leadership positions espousing morals unless it is something we can all agree on like “feed the starving” or “donate to hurricane victims.” Usually, they are spoiled heiresses or once  starving artists who now are trying to get a handle on their fame. I would screw up too if I had that much attention focused on me.

Joni Lamb, however, is in the business of morals–it’s how Daystar Television gets donations. If you view the YouTube Video Post, you’ll see how her followers are reacting. They think it was Satan trying to bring the ministry down or that she was brave to keep her marriage together. I’m sorry, that’s not what’s going on. Joni doesn’t have a choice. She has to keep her marriage together because Marcus Lamb, her husband, is the co-founder of Daystar. They can each have as many affairs as they want but for the sake of the loyal donating public they have to keep the family values marriage illusion alive. Even to the point of asking their employees to help cover up any possible leak of a scandal.

I posted my own comment there, but it’s always hard to tell if it will get approved. I basically said, “Get a clue, people. It’s not about Satan or Christ. It’s about money, ” and then I told them to look up the impending lawsuit by one of the former Daystar employees. I’m sure the former employee could be greedy too, but that’s not my point. This is all just business–marketing an image, payoffs, sex behind closed doors, and a religion that is associated with expensive clothes and big hair (as well as good eating from the looks of Joni).

Christians need to nip this in the bud and stop donating to these idiots. Your money is better spent on your own church, a community center or donating to charities to help the homeless. Is 24 hour Christian entertainment your priority? Or does the Bible stand alone as your authority (as well as the umpteen theological commentaries to help you understand it).

Here is one of the few comments on YouTube that I could agree with: “I like Marcus and Joni. I do not agree with the theology, but I like them. But Marcus lost his right to preach according to Timothy. God forgives, yes. But when one holds a position like this, he is held to a much higher standard. They can keep the network going. But he can not act as a Pastor like he does.”

I don’t know Marcus–he looks like a jerk to me–but maybe on a personal level he’s someone I would get along with. But yes, he’s lost all credibility and needs to step down. This should not just be an atheist perspective but a general Christian perspective. A good movie for Christian filmmakers to consider producing is to use this situation for inspiration. In it, Marcus would fall from grace and then to show true repentence by selling his “worldly” belongings and preaching to the homeless by working in a rundown soup kitchen. Where is the humility in this affair? Daystar viewers have been suckered!

BTW: My wife, who does believe in the Christian God, looked at this and was disgusted. Her response was, “She should dump his ass.” Joni is providing a bad example for Christian women who are being set up to be exploited by cheating husbands. Maybe there are times when forgiveness works, but when your man cheats there’s no consequence if you stay with him. A marriage or even a live-in partnership is an agreement and if you want to have sex with someone else, then break the agreement first and go sleep with that person. I’m not against divorce because I don’t think people have to stay with each other for a lifetime. Ironically, my marriage–which is unofficial since we’ve been living in sin for the last 14 years–has lasted because I think we’re brutally honest with each other. And I don’t try to live up to some unobtainable ideal. But believe you me, if I cheated on my wife, my ass would be dumped. I wonder how many Christian women are victims because they’ve been taught that divorce is not an option? As well as the myth that their mate was selected by God for them? Very sad.

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  1. Sadly, this phony couple, are bilking the public, including elderly people on fixed incomes, out of precious hard-earned money. There oughta be a law! (Do you realize the tax breaks these people enjoy?!) Their situation is not too far removed from Robert and Marty Tilton (80’s/90’s) and we know what happened to them… As for that matter, avoid all the tele-evangelists, including Mike and Hazel Simons, Joel and Victoria O’Steen, et al!

    Come on people, don’t send your money to these SCAM artists; instead give it to reputable charities that will make good honest use of your donations – Texas Food Bank, Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, St. Jude’s Hospital, etc.

    Joni Lamb has “publicly” forgiven Marcus Lamb in an effort to try to save her HUGE income from Daystar! The phony display of affection (“my sweetheart”) after the affair just doesn’t convince me she has forgiven him.

    While not all Catholic priests take a vow of poverty, the Church does not want her priests to live luxuriously. Canon 282.1 states clearly that the clergy are to follow a simple way of life, and are to avoid anything which suggests worldliness. Lavish vacations, expensive designer clothing, and luxury vehicles would probably fit into this category. Elsewhere the code asserts that the clergy are to shun everything that is unbecoming to their state in life (c. 285.1).

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