Joseph Smith and His Hat

Y’know I wasn’t planning to do a parody cartoon of Joseph Smith this week, but after my post “Vampires are Sexier Than Jesus Christ” I became somewhat annoyed at the Mormon propaganda I was seeing on the web and decided, as stated in that post, that Mormonism is simply so ridiculous that its adherents have to be rewriting their history and attempting to intellectualize obvious nonsense. The answer why Mormonism is persistent and a growing forceĀ in America of courseĀ comes back to the same reason people stick to Christianity and that is “community” or a “community center.” Mormons can be extremely kind and charitable, an admirable trait, but ultimately we’re dealing with truth and this religion has a lot to explain. You’ll be seeing more Mormon parodies as I have mainly targeted the Christian religion in the past on Freethunk and in this way I can make my own arguments, deal with any mistakes I may make in my thinking, and hopefully push the conversation as to why we need to respect Joseph Smith’s nonsense?

BTW: If you’re not sure of the satire of this cartoon, Joseph Smith reportedly transcribed The Book of Mormon while staring into a hat at two seer stones (or later on it was apparently one stone) which I call “psychic stones.” If you’ve ever tried to read The Book of Mormon you’ll understand how bad this method of revelation was. It’s not as bad as The Koran (snore) but, yes, it’s still pretty bad–kind of like a Bible knockoff written by someone who had no understanding of Biblical languages or general Biblical history. I suppose I will have to attempt to read it again and drink lots of Monster Energy drinks to prevent sleep attacks.

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