Kidney Stones Cartoon

You might wonder what kidney stones has to do with freethinking and it’s not a cartoon specific to that theme, but I don’t plan on overloading on religious criticism this time around as you can only do so many cartoons on Jesus (I’m sure I’ll find an excuse to do more). Those are still available to read on the old-school version of the site (see the homepage). I will be adding a mixture of cartoons that may take into account the natural afflictions we experience as a result of imperfect design. I would say that kidney stones fall into that category as I have them and they are no fun (unless you can find humor in them).

I first experienced kidney stone movements about 4 years back, but I thought it was just digestion, severe digestion. I was lucky that my stones were small so I simply had to lie down after peeing (it hurt bad enough that I felt faint). During work one day (currently I do wireless business support) I was on a call when I believe I must have passed a stone or had one hell of a movement. Being the trooper that I was, I finished the customer service call and then had to get permission to go see the on staff doctor (and boy did I feel close to passing out). He found blood in my urine and magnified my worst fears with stories of kidney stones being more painful than giving birth–I kept imagining stones the size of golf balls. It got to me enough that I agreed to a CT Scan which cost a fortune, but all of the tests did reveal the culprits were in the left and right kidneys and, while they were a threat, they were minor. I also have a gall stone, as apparently many of us live them without problems, so I hope it doesn’t become a problem either.

Oddly enough, everyone around me knew about kidney stones but no one had ever seen the Seinfeld episode where Kramer passes one and screams his bloody head off–including the doctor. I found it hilarious when I didn’t have kidney stones and now I think it is even funnier.

2 thoughts on “Kidney Stones Cartoon

  1. I have constant kidney stones 24/7, 365 add I have a disease called cystinuria, or kidney stone disease.
    The cartoon above shows how it actually feels to pass a stone.
    I hope you are not bothered by anymore of those little lumps of solid pee!


  2. I’m sooo sorry you do. I have a couple each year and I’m seeing now if there’s more I can do to prevent them besides diet. They’re small but they hurt like a mother******.

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