Leprechauns Exist

It’s time to stop the disbelief in leprechauns because no one can prove they don’t exist, much like God.

Yes, this is back to basics once again and I’m trying to mix Freethunk up with some of the basics combined with the more difficult arguments that are usually repeated. No matter how many times it is repeated, posted or or reiterated, inevitably some Christian will accuse a freethinking atheist of not being able to disprove God. Problem is you can’t disprove something that hasn’t been proved in the first place. It’s like asking someone to prove the murder of someone who has never been shown to exist when they were supposedly living–there’s no evidence to refute. First we need a body…

Now if a Christian is thinking, well, God is spirit, there is no body to show.  …Exactly. And I can make up any religion I want with “no body.” That’s the genius of the supernatural, it doesn’t require proof, you just have to believe.

At least with leprechauns you have a chance. There’s supposed to be little people hiding in the woods who have gold or cereal. You can go searching for something tangible even though they can play tricks on you. I mean with all the legends and stories of leprechauns they must exist right (according to the logic of creationists who assert dragon legends prove people lived with dinosaurs).

So don’t count leprechauns out this St. Patrick’s Day. If you believe in God, the devil and angels–then it’s fair to be open to the idea of leprechauns. After all, you don’t want to be close-minded like us intolerant atheists. For me, I’ll wear some green and have a beer.

BTW: To be fair, St. Patrick’s Day is based on a saint, who also seems to have plenty of legends surrounding him, despite no one really seems to recognize it anymore. Here’s the history…

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