Paranormal Investigation Cartoon

Putting aside the supposed validity of the paranormal investigations we see on TV or are catalogued on websites, have you ever wondered why a ghost would do seemingly pointless things like knock over a chair or roll a ball (like in this cartoon)¬†or say something unintelligible on a staticky recording? I mean spirits have to be retards? Most of these shows now have to ramp up the excitement by having the hosts and the associated investigation teams get all “freaked” out about the littlest things. Any genuine and sincere¬†paranormal investigator would have to dismiss this kind of entertainment as not supporting their cause. I may have a general disagreement with the premise of ghost hunting but if you’re going to do it, then do it right and use accurate scientific methods–which means a lot of tedious work that’s boring and won’t make a good Sy Fy show.

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