The Christian CEO on Christmas

I know some Christians are going to call foul, but this comic strip was inspired by a recent layoff of a dear friend (plus a division of co-workers) two weeks before Christmas. It, honestly, seemed like a shit-thing to do considering the supposed spirit of the holidays. Now maybe I could understand it if the CEO and management were not Christians and the 25th was just another business day to get things done (though the apathy would be still appalling), but by all reports they are big churchgoers and therefore I hope they’re all snuggly-warm on a day when their former employees are dreading the new year trying to figure out finances.

Even as an atheist, I’m well aware of how much time, money and energy go into the holidays for families so I still find the idea of laying off people before Christmas repulsive. Couldn’t we wait until the new year? Couldn’t we have given notice and then allowed the employees to work up into the first week of January? My friend got cut off in the payroll cycle so that she only gets a week’s pay out of the usual full check to cover the rest of December and a small severance check that may not come until January or later (after signing the usual crap that as an ex-employee they won’t make trouble).

I am not anti-business and when the numbers are crunched sometimes there is a need to downsize. However, with the larger corporations I bet more often than not ┬áit has been done for the bottomline or expediency. I just wish CEOs would ditch their religion because they’re not fooling anyone–except other rich people. They’re about business and their faith is second to money. To me, it’s just another sign that religion is meaningless when it comes to moral and ethics because if the influence of Christianity does nothing to stop a “Christian” CEO from laying off employees right before Christmas then what’s the purpose of such a faith on society? That influence of Christian faith is worthless compared to a little nonChristian reasoning that such an act is a “shit-thing” to do.

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  1. I love this site. Came across a Bertrand comic and fell in love with the humor and intelligence of the arguments. I will be sharing I with all of my friends. Thanks for what you do.

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