The Snake Apology to Women Everywhere

Women have gotten the blame since the dawn of history, and all for being cute and sexy and biologically wanted. And this is apparently because of a snake? Seriously, who comes up with this stuff and who is stupid enough to believe it?

Yes, I did make the girl in the comic strip a Christian–due to personal experience. I don’t know know how many unwed mothers I’ve met or girls who are sleeping around that are self-proclaimed Christians. The fact is, when I run into agnostic and atheist women they seem chaste by comparison. For players, I think they have a better chance with church girls then with atheists. Atheist women are more likely to call you on your bullshit.

2 thoughts on “The Snake Apology to Women Everywhere

  1. This is truly hilarious.

    Ah, and now I can hear Frank Zappa’s ‘Catholic Girls’ playing in the background… >:-D

  2. I have this fervent christian woman who lives several blocks from me for the last 20 years. she has 3 children by 3 fathers and has never been married. the only things she taks about are her kids and religion. oldest graduated from college with high grades and second oldest finally got parole.

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