The Littlest Atheist Thanksgiving Blessing

I drew this Sunday-Style comic strip version of The Littlest Atheist as I’m working on Series 2 for 2011 and simply wanted to do a holiday strip to experiment. Thanksgiving blessings can be varied and I don’t think blessings have to appeal to any certain god in these modern times–and in this instance no god at all. A blessing has its foundation in religion (no dispute there), but as religion steals ideas from pagans and secular society so the circle should continue and I have no problem in using blessing within the definition of “approval.” I am not one of those atheists who shies away from saying “bless you” when someone sneezes because I know no one really thinks I’m trying to bestow God’s grace on snot. It’s simply a nice tradition and warmhearted response to your friend or neighbor. Parents give their blessings–or “approval” to their kids in marriage, we express our blessings for safe travel and as such secular humanists should feel free to give their blessings on a good feast or other festivities.

Why thank Science? In general I don’t believe science and scientists get enough credit for how good our life is. We take it for granted every day that we are more fit, eat better, and are treated better than at any time in history due to scientific research and breakthroughs. And I’m not even mentioning the inventors of basic necessities of things like running water or toilets. Scientists may be atheists or God-believers, but what they do is so important and so poorly recognized by a society obsessed with staring at crosses, TV sets and worthless celebrities.

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