Rockford Files: ‘Quickie Nirvana’

Rockford Files - Jim takes on the case of "Quickie Nirvana"

Rockford Files, Episode: “Quickie Nirvana” where a clueless new ager just doesn’t get it.

Add this episode to your Netflix Que, freethinkers and skeptics: Rockford Files, season 4, episode is “Quickie Nirvana.”

I was never much of a fan of the Rockford Files when I was a kid and the series was constantly in reruns so I kept avoiding it, but after watching the first season on Netflix I was hooked. RF is a better than average detective series because of the scripts and James Garner’s characterization of Jim Rockford, a private eye who knows when to punch, when to back off and when to fake-out.

In “Quickie Nirvana” we’re treated to the brutal reality of a new ager calling herself Sky Aquarian who is clueless and irresponsible, but she thinks she knows it all and makes judgments on those who are not enlightened. Rockford, in one beautiful scene, lays it on her that she’s a flake who follows any path but her own and mooches off others because she doesn’t hold down a job. It’s an indictment of ¬†insincere, gullible new-agers who think ¬†religion and spirituality are all are one truth and that every schmuck calling him or herself a guru is worthy of following.

There’s plenty of humor from Rockford’s smart remarks as he tolerates Sky–even shows a fondness for her–and helps her out on a case involving stolen money. However, the episode is rather dark in its sarcasm. I was a bit shocked to see Rockford holding a guru( he just caught for stealing money) around the neck and Sky tells the guru how disappointed she is. Whap! The guru slaps her hard. Then Rockford says, “That’s the sound of one hand clapping,” a reference to an earlier “wise saying” by Sky. The slapping scene is wake-up call to the new-ager on how gullible she has been and is the kind of metaphorical slap we wish we could lay on some people who have given their minds over to nonsense. Unfortunately, Sky is found 6 months later to not have learned her lesson and we end the episode on a sour note shaking our heads.

Also be sure to catch Sky’s reference to a certain Robert Heinlein novel which I’m sure has been used by new-agers in the past with a straight face. I laughed out loud.

Slapped Woman

“That’s the sound of one hand clapping.”


‘Psych’ Moment, Devil in the Details

I enjoy nearly all the Psych episodes but I was particularly pleased with Season 4, episode 4 called “The Devil is in the Details and in the Upstairs Bedroom”. The obvious reason is not only does the show open up with Shawn questioning a priest about Noah’s Ark as a child, but proceeds to exposing demon possession (a parody of the movie The Exorcist) as nothing more than imagination and trickery. If you’ve ever seen a so-called demon possession that is what they are–no Hollywood effects, just lame tricks for those with strong imaginations. Someone changing the pitch of their voice and trembling is not an indication of a supernatural being (take note, Bob Larson).

Young Shawn: I’m sorry, Dad, but it just doesn’t make sense.
Priest: What doesn’t make sense, Shawn?
Young Shawn: Lots of things. Like if the Ark was built in the Middle East how did animals like the Koala Bear get to it?
Young Gus: God helped them get there using his almighty powers.
Priest: That’s exactly right, Gus.
Young Shawn: Then why didn’t he use those powers to create the Ark? Wouldn’t that be much faster than getting Noah to build it?