Pesos in the Collection Plate

The church I went to when I was young gave out envelopes for people to put their money into before depositing it into the collection plate.  I always wondered what sort of surprises they’d find when opening those envelopes.  I know they probably looked forward every week to my artwork doodles and shredded up service programs that I would generously return.  Hey, you’ve got an hour to kill sitting there so you’ve got to do something.

Holy Books Battle Royale

It’s always entertaining to watch idiots fighting in public.  It seems so pointless, yet for the participants they’re willing to put their dignity and personal safety on the line to brawl in a public place.  Then once it’s finished and the crowd leaves the rest of the world can enjoy it once it’s uploaded onto Youtube.

Bible Podcasts

I haven’t read a good book in a long time.  I’ve got quite a few sitting around on my “to read” list, but I really don’t have the time to sit down and get into them.  After a full evening of Green Eggs and Ham, Thomas the Tank Engine and Bob the Builder my brain power is usually running pretty low and the TV calls to me.  If I’m lucky it’ll be a movie based on a book I’d like to read, saving me the trouble.

All Inclusive Christmas Displays

Don’t forget to think about the most important person this holiday season.  Yourself.  Take time to relax, don’t get over stressed, spend time with your loved ones, and know this painful time of year will all be over in just a few more days.  Then it’s time for the nightmare of Boxing day sales and gift returns season.  Happy holidays.

Freethunk Admin: We also know a lot of people are hurting financially this year so if you fall into that category we do wish the best for you.

No More Christmas Carols

What better way to sing Christmas carols in public but not sound terrible?  Hide yourself in a group so you don’t stand out.  Chances are there are going to be a few just as bad (or worse) than you anyway.  Just tone it down a bit when you get to the high notes so you don’t blow your cover.

Freethunk Admin: Except for “Silent Night.” There’s no way to hide your voice with that carol–if you’re out of tune, you’re screwed.

He Who Casts the First Stone

My little boy has a fascination with throwing things right now.  Rocks, sticks, whatever he happens to find on the ground and decides he’s in that mood.  I’ve explained he’s not to throw things at other people and he understands that.  I’m not having the same success, however, with getting him to stop throwing things at the dogs.  Good thing we’ve got labradors.  They’re smart, gentle with kids, well disciplined and have a high threshold for pain.