Illness, It’s All About Perception

Being sick isn’t funny.  Unless it’s your buddy who’s hung over and you recorded it and uploaded it to Youtube.  Or maybe you’re the one who’s sick for videoing it and showing the world someone else’s misfortune.  Either way, the viewing audience is the winner in the end.  If it’s sick to want to spread happiness to other people then I don’t want to be well.  Especially if it’s gone viral.

Ebay Korans

I like the fact that the first 14 “pyro-pastor” ebay account names were already in use.  Who would have thought?

Freethunk Admin: Out of curiosity I went to Ebay and typed in Koran. Quite a few for sale. One antique book for 2,500. If the current crop of Koran burners are dedicated than that’s the one to go for. Actually, for that amount you would want to blow it up–burning isn’t going to be that thrilling for that price.

Leftover Korans

I wonder if any minority religions in those countries where book burnings are common have come up with the idea of making fire retardant holy books?  Sure it would be a bit more expensive, but wouldn’t it be worth it to see the expressions of their faces when they come out of the fire pit undamaged?  They’d assume god saved the books because he didn’t want them destroyed.  So they’d then move on to burning the churches instead.

Angry Muslim Mob

I wonder if gods can “undo” things things done by other gods?  For example, if the Christian god causes destruction with an earthquake and then the Islamic god undoes it by fixing everything when he’s not looking.  The other gods all probably do that kind of stuff to each other as practical jokes.  I suppose it would be their equivalent of letting the air out of tires on someone’s car.

Stack of Korans

The internet has led to all kinds of anti-virus software, firewalls, and other programs to filter and prevent undesirables from making their way into your computer.  It’s too bad there isn’t a filter in real life to get rid of the idiots trying to spread their ignorance and hate.  …Actually there is — common sense.

Faith Stops Fires

Currently the North-eastern corner of Australia is experiencing horrible flooding from rainfall, while the South-western corner is going through one of its worst droughts ever.  Should Australians pray for dry conditions in the east and rain in the west or just simply ask god to tilt the country so it moves from one corner to the other?  Only god knows for sure and he ain’t talkin.