Littlest Atheist Thanksgiving Blessing 2012

I get tired of blessings where God is thanked when it’s obvious the imaginary sky deity did nothing–or if he did, he let the natural disaster happen for his own glory in the aftermath (which is a pretty shallow thing to do). This year, let’s remember our fellow humans. The ones that put themselves in the line of fire, the ones that saved our asses from nature and the ones that find new ways to prevent tragedy when the inevitable storms strike. We are truly blessed by the mere luck of being born in a time period with so many innovations and life-saving techniques. Here’s to religion and superstition NOT impeding human efforts to make all our lives better.

Easter Rabbit Versus Jesus Cartoon

Yes, this cartoon is ver-r-ry old in terms of Freethunk. I’m thinking it may even go back to 2001 or 2002 if I dug through my original files. At that time I was giving Jesus quite a few pokes in the ribs with my cartoons. Now-a-days, Jesus cartoons are everywhere on the net including videos like the one below:

Jesus St. Patrick’s Day Cartoon

This is actually a well thought out theory on how Christ may have actually ended up on the cross. See God is outside of time therefore he could be around for St. Patrick’s Day if he wanted to. Matt Newton, if you don’t know, dabbles in Biblical Archaeology and has researched this Jesus meets St. Patrick’s Day event extensively.