I Believe in Talking Snakes T-Shirt

Ever get tired of hearing Christians say the Bible is right? We have an ongoing theme here at Freethunk that if the Bible is right then snakes can talk. We’ve joined efforts with 2Laugh.com to come up with a selection of parody T-shirts that pretty much say it all when it comes to conservative “literalist” Christianity. If you have the guts, wear this design to the next Creationist Conference in your hometown or PTA meeting over whether evolution should be taught in the local public school. We have two different versions–one for unbelievers and one for believers.

The first design for unbelievers, available in a variety of styles  besides the one shown below, says: “Biblical Literalists Believe in Talking Snakes.” Available for purchase here. Makes a nice gift for fellow freethinkers who are active atheists or those friends who like to tweak the noses of religious sensibilities. Certainly God-believers who think literalism is ridiculous may want to wear these shirts too.

The alternate design for conservative believers, again available in a variety of styles, says: “I Believe in Talking Snakes: Proud to be a Biblical Literalist.” This is a gag gift for your religious friends, hopefully they have a sense of humor. Or maybe they’re getting on your nerves with all of the creationist paraphernalia they’ve been dumping on you. You have to wonder with all of the Christian Tees out there, why there isn’t one like this? Shouldn’t creationists be proud that they believe in talking snakes? You can purchase this original T-Shirt at our storefront…

I will be highlighting more shirts and other Freethunk products through our shop section. If you would like to see all our shirt selections visit the Freethunk/2Laugh Storefront.