Graduation Prayer Comic Strip

After reading about Damon Fowler this week , the atheist high school student who protested against his school’s graduation prayer,  I was inspired to do a comic page on it. This is more satire than criticism because if you think about it, life changes dramatically after you leave the small world existence of high school and go to college.  And what does a graduation prayer signify? Thanking god for all your hard work? God didn’t do it, you’re the one who studied and passed your tests. Otherwise you’d be able to pray to god and have instant knowledge.

Many former church-going Christians when they leave home are exposed to new ideas and while they don’t all turn into atheists they do modify their beliefs. I used  “socialist university professors” as a conservative parents’ worst nightmare. Don’t worry, it’s not so bad. Many socialist students turn back into conservatives when they start their own businesses.

BTW: If you do want to show financial support for Damon The Friendly Atheist has set up a support fund. From what I know posted by another Freethunk reader, Damon has been kicked out of his home after this fiasco and is essentially out on his own except for the support of the freethinking community. I believe it makes sense to reward such courage in the face of a Christian majority. I’m hesitant to set him up as a hero as it undoubtedly means someone will find some flaw in his skeleton closet, but no one is perfect. This is a teenager who did his best to do the right thing and after seeing the reaction I think he has made a valuable contribution to other atheist high school students facing the same prospect. The Christian majority, while retaining personal freedom of religious expression, needs to get used to the idea that public school events are not church.

4 thoughts on “Graduation Prayer Comic Strip

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  2. A fine example of “man’s wisdom”; utter foolishness.

    “Every knee shall bow!” Do the research.


  3. Bowing to an overlord god isn’t wisdom. There’s nothing to research on that matter. Try researching your Bible, which most atheists have, and you’ll find it full of contradictions and often lacking wisdom.

  4. I don’t get this comic. So… free education means that students can’t have freedom of speech and expression of religion? The point is that students deserve to have the same rights as everyone else. I think you need to look beyond your own bias against belief in a God or Gods and realize the bigger picture which is that freedom of expression is a very important thing in our country. You know, the whole, “I don’t agree with what you say but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it?” I’m not an atheist, I don’t find it a logical point of view, but I still believe in your right to make a comic like this, even though you don’t see the irony in your freedom of expression that promotes the culling of another’s. We should always fight against censorship of thoughts, wouldn’t you agree? Isn’t that the whole point of the phrase ‘free think’?

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