Freethunk Threatened by Angry Scotsman

This morning, a rather ominous email appeared in the admin box for Freethunk with the subject line: “ANGRY SCOTSMAN = GEEKZ BIGGEST FAN,” ¬†along with the following photo to the left. Suffice to say we put the office on high alert as we do not know the capabilities of this particular individual. The demands were simple: “MUST HAVE GEEKS XMAS SPECIAL PART 2 OR SCOTSMAN SMASH!!!!”

Realizing the limited vocabulary could result in poor judgment if the demands were not met we decided to capitulate and post the 2nd part of the Geekz holiday comic strip special. We do not believe Chaz Wood, Geekz creator, is involved in this debacle. There were some delays in posting holiday material due to an unprecedented amount of pieces we drew, wrote and received. This comic strip is now posted to appease the Angry Scotsman and for other Geekz fans. You can find Geekz posted weekly at