Richard Dawkins Foundation, Lobbying for Secular Concerns

I didn’t see a direct link  to use for the latest Richard Dawkins Foundation news update that came via email so I’m going to clip some of it because I think it’s important to report what is happening. This is in regards to his current tour for the book Appetite for Wonder: The Making of a Scientist.

From the news update:

Richard spoke to sold out crowds across the United States, including stops at Microsoft, Apple and Google headquarters!  However, his most important stop occurred Oct 1st and 2nd when he went to  Capitol Hill for briefings with members of Congress. During the briefings, he and Steven Pinker answered questions collected from Facebook, Twitter and attendees. In total, he participated in 10 lobbying visits arranged by the Secular Coalition of America, where he discussed evolution, creationism and intelligent design in public schools, humanist military chaplains, the Congressional Science Committee and the importance of science in the public sphere, among other issues.  Click here for a list of the representatives with whom Richard had the pleasure of speaking!

What’s important here is that Dawkins is speaking to both the power players in technology and representatives in Washington D.C.. Lobbying for the concerns of secularists is not something I hear about every day in the mainstream news (maybe a story on the ACLU comes close?) so it’s nice to see. I know not everyone agrees with Dawkins’ approach at times, but it is fascinating to watch his foundation grow in influence and I believe it’s about time atheists and other unbelievers had some influence on politicians who are always having to feign a prayer or drop the “god” word to appease the believing majority in the United States. Imagine a day when a politician boasts about his scientific knowledge and not his belief in god(s).

To be clear, Dawkins was working with the Secular Coalition for America. An update on which government representatives were visited is here.


Richard Dawkins Subscribe List, Impact the Decision Makers

As the old analogy goes: Organizing atheists is like herding cats. But the Richard Dawkins Foundation is making the attempt.

A recent email campaign is aiming for 100,000 subscribers to the RDF newsletter. I hit subscribe and received:

Your subscription is confirmed! Now we need to hit 100,000 signups by October 31 to impact decision-makers and media across the globe, to help us support our existing projects in science and secularism — and the ones we’re about to announce.

If you’re an agnostic, atheist, sick of religion, science enthusiast or a general skeptic of religion and the supernatural, you may want to subscribe. In particular, America is always a battleground for science education. While atheists never agree (Have you seen the forums? We rip each other apart.) there will be some common ground. It sounds like a good step in the right direction to add some muscle to an overall viewpoint that reason and science is what the next generation needs, not superstition.

If interested:

You can subscribe to the RDF newsletter or visit the Richard Dawkins Foundation website.