Punch A Nazi, Punch A Commie

I didn’t know what else to call this post–thus the silly title–but this is what I’ve been seeing amongst Facebook friends of opposing political camps. Literally calls to punch a Nazi or punch a commie (Antifa).

I spent today listening to a variety of podcasts from both the right and left and I have to say the “nonTrump” right gave a measured and often brutal response. The one analysis I can recommend is Ben Shapiro, who is no friend of the alt-right or Trump. One obvious reason is he’s a Jew and white supremacists apparently don’t like Jews–or anyone else who isn’t “white”!

I’m posting Shapiro’s analysis on Charlottesville because the left doesn’t need any convincing on the racism of the alt-right. It’s the right that is in crisis mode with this presidency and they should take a listen. Those who call themselves conservatives and make apologies for the alt-right and the president’s poor response really need a wake up call. And Shapiro doesn’t let Antifa off the hook either, but he’s not equating what they did in Charlottesville to the level of murder by James Alex Fields, the white supremacist who drove into a crowd of protestors resulting in injuries and, sadly, the death of one young woman. I liked how Shapiro defined the alt-right and noted the attempts to mainstream it calling out Milo Yiannopoulus for his reckless advocacy of such groups. My take on Milo is that he’s an attention whore with no core values. Every time I’ve listened to him he’s trying to shock and get a laugh, which is fine, but he does it by supporting trolls and alt-right nuts. Which is why Republicans turned on him.

I also have a love/hate relationship with Glenn Beck, but he nailed it in his show on the incident too and went a step further condemning Confederate monuments to museums. He went on to explain how he read the actual constitution of the Confederacy (at a museum because the curator was kind of enough to bring out the original) and dispelled the myth of states’ rights. The Confederacy was about the expansion of slavery.

Hey, I didn’t say it, Beck did! But he’s piqued my interest in reading more on the history of that expansion effort as apparently there were plans to grab people from South America and Cuba to keep slavery going. My own retort to Southern apologists when they proudly say the Confederacy was about states’ rights is: “States’ rights to do what?” And the answer never changes–it was to keep slaves. I didn’t realize it was so explicit in the Confederate constitution though.

So complain about Antifa all you want–I know I do as a big free speech proponent–but let’s stop pretending that the alt-right is anything but a bunch of outdated supremacists. And let’s stop apologizing for our president who was weak in his response to Charlottesville. I mean how the fuck do you screw up condemning Nazis? It was like being handed a political PR gift and he must have thought to himself, “Hey, these are some of my voters.” Fuck your voters if they salute a Nazi flag.

Time to put the Confederate heroes where they belong–in history museums. They are not American heroes.