The Littlest Atheist takes on Goodie The Gospel Peanut

by Cartoonist Jeff Swenson

Now running 3 times a week, it will feature our tiny unbelieving hero facing off with “Goodie The Gospel Peanut,” a devious child entertainer who appears at a church sleepover. If you thought your Bible thumping friends were judgmental, then you haven’t seen what this “person/thing” is capable of.

The series starts here with comic strip 1 and a guide will be added with links to previous Littlest Atheist episodes, as well as a history of the comic strip. All readers welcome. Just because you aren’t an atheist doesn’t mean you too are not annoyed by heavy handed believers. Even some Christians prefer a little atheist to a huge believer that’s in your face.

10 thoughts on “THE LITTLEST ATHEIST: 2011 Series

  1. Hi:

    I am posting here because I can’t find any other way to communicate with whoever is behind this site. It started today when I ran across this page at facebook:

    and wanted to leave a comment but was unable to do so. The person who is posting there used a cartoon as their avatar, and so I came over here. However, that person may very well have nothing to do with

    Turning to, I didn’t see a way to communicate a general message, so I thought maybe I could leave one under one of these posts.

    I am an atheist and like what I see here. I will share it with other people.

    As a narrow issue, the thing that was on my mind today is:

    Man gets 25 years in jail for “South Park” threats
    By Paul Bond Paul Bond – Thu Feb 24, 10:56 pm ET

    I was glad, and surprised, to see this headline and I wanted to share some thoughts on this with somewhat like-minded people.

  2. Your so smart ! Who can resist your words? But Mr. know it all now it’s time to knock your pride filled ego down to size. Since were stating how dumb the “Fundies” are we not implying how smart you are? Ok, since were bragging let’s have a go of it. I founded and operate a multi million dollar scientific corporation. And we don’t make little baby instruments. We make the big boy stuff for NASA, Aerospace, Industrial and telecom worldwide. Instruments all filled with sorts of Stat’s, Calculus, Fourier transforms, DSP and the such. So how did I get involved with such advanced stuff in science? I went to college back in the 80’s to study how life must of started in amino acid soup in the primitive seas of earth. I needed to simulate the conditions of the primitive seas in the lab. I needed computers and attached instruments. We in that day needed to build of own instruments and test equipment. It should be plain to you by now I have a very deep grasp of the scientific method and evolution. I don’t have all day to reason with your ultra primitive mind. So I’ll leave you with some food for thought to munch on. Ok? (I doubt it will do any good) Did you ever stop to think that God and his kingdom themselves evolved ? Did you ever stop to think they are ruling over this planet with a master plan yet to be revealed to your thick skull and hard heart? What do think the human race would be doing 500 million years from now? Oh did the thought creep into your tiny brain that YES we would have the powers of God by then!
    This will seem off subject to you – but it’s not. Soon the middle east will erupt into a nuclear conflict. Russia and China will get involved. They will nuke the US and most of our allies. After 3.5 years of shear hell on earth Christ will appear in the clouds of heaven. And he won’t have long girly hair as false pictures have portrayed him. He will be giant with flaming eyes of fire. He will disintegrate the remaining evil armies. Then finally his sheep will have a calm loving world to live in with no persecuting critics like you. What proof do I have. That’s the neat part! Your about to see all these things come to pass. Then you will remember my words won’t you!

  3. I’m not sure if this retort is a gag or prank on me, but…

    I’m sure you will enjoy watching me burn in hell from Heaven. Same vindicativeness I see with most believers in the apocalypse; end times-porn lovers just waiting to pop some corn and watch the revenge and blood upon the heathens.

    By the way, I’m not sure what article or story set you off, but I rarely call Christians outright dumb. Sometimes Fundie scam artists like Peter Popoff irk me or maybe guys like Pat Robertson I might call a name or two?

    My comic character(s) might say something insulting but they’re a work in progress and often get knocked back down (a reminder to be humble in the face of knowledge). I may refer to many fundie or religious ideas as dumb, sure. Most fundies do not accept evolution. Fact is, that’s one of the current if not historical fundamentals of many Americans (a literal creation, if you accept evolution you’re in conflict with them, not me). There’s a difference between truly dumb people and irrational people. I accept there are smarter people than me and I am pretty open about my limitations of knowledge and mistakes (I mean other atheists point them out to me on this site occasionally), but sometimes it does take a smartass to point out what is obviously dumb.

    Whether you are a janitor or a CEO, makes no difference to me; you have the potential to be irrational. Science is littered with examples of smart people keeping the faith in dumb ideas. And I’m glad you accept the scientific method because it weeds out bad ideas. But why are you so damned sure about a God outside of the scientific method? That actually does seem dumb. I would say an agnostic position would be at least reasonable.

    But if you think a giant Jesus with flaming eyeballs is going to come down and get me? Yeah, that’s definitely dumb coming from a smart person providing for NASA.

    BTW: Proper grammar would be: “You’re so smart” or “You are.” It’s called a contraction.(Sorry, couldn’t resist. Yes, very petty on my part, but man, you jumped to a lot of conclusions about me or something?)

    BTW2: Yes, I’ve mentioned that there are moderate Christians who believe in evolution. The only problem they have is the cruelty of the natural process designed by a loving god.

    BTW3: “The powers of God?” Yes, I’m fascinated by Transhumanism, for better or worse. I’ve been on reading kick from Ray Kurzweil to this great book “Radical Evolution” by Joel Garreau.

    BTW4: I was raised on the Bible. I’ve heard plenty on Revelations. So no proof required? It’s just going to be fun for you to think about me thinking about your words as I’m being destroyed? Ahh, the love of Christ…

  4. He’s not going to destroy you forever. These folks upstairs are not hate driven. Because of the inherent evil of mankind they will use force and fear to drive this idiot planet from it’s foolish ways. Again it’s all part of a master plan. Behavior modification requires emotionally significant experiences. Your part of a process with the rest of mankind. He’s (they) are going to bring you back later on. Your “destruction” won’t be permanent.

    In another thought who do you think is behind making “fundies look soooo dumb”. Could it be SATAN ? BTW satan is a droid. The demons do the dirty half of the equation for God. Ever hear of a catalyst ?

    Not going to try and pry any more thoughts into your head. Remember the proof is in what’s about to happen. When it comes you’ll remember my words.

    BTW math and science folks tend to care less about grammar.

  5. So will you remember my words when “it” doesn’t happen?

    It’s an interesting prediction, but no proof and if it doesn’t happen in my lifetime–which it won’t (my prediction) all you would say is that it is in “God’s time” and could be after my death.

    Religious predictions are pretty easy to make because no one ever backs them up with any real proof (the world is getting more violent, more famines, more wars, the end is near–fear, doom!). I can make the prediction the world will end with the return of ancient leprechauns who bring back the gold standard and then have such a controlling interest through the use of rainbows that they crash the economy and take over the U.N.. On St. Patrick’s day they get so drunk someone pushes “the button” and the world is destroyed in nuclear flames.

    The world may end some day through human stupidity or natural disaster, but no one is coming back. Dead is dead.

    (I don’t care about the grammar or spelling for the comments, I was being petty–don’t want to scare anyone away from commenting based on that. Though most of the science guys I run into are anal about such things. You can find errors in my writing, I’m pretty sure.).

  6. You are living billions of years in the future of mankind and know it not. That’s the only reason dead is not dead. You are in VR. I am sure your “anal science guys” are rows and rows of fools who could not begin to understand. I’m pretty sure they’re the type who see our instruments and innovations they practically bow down to us.
    So what’s God up to ? He’s already doing what we (humans) plan on doing some day. Making habitable planets and stars to spread life throughout the otherwise dead universe.
    Amos 5:8 “Seek him that maketh the seven stars and Orion, and turneth the shadow of death into the morning”. BTW they did not make the earth in seven days. Mankind needs to learn to read very carefully and carefully consider what he reads. It’s so much more valuable of a tool than proper grammar. Know this God is very tricky. He does not want to be found by many now.
    Job 5:13 “He takes the wise in their own craftiness”. I think His animal sacrifices and the such are brilliant camouflage for the wise of this world. I have the proofs you seek but it would take weeks and lot’s of striving. But if I were to bother I would win you and your buddies over. But to what ends ? If God worked so hard to hide from the majority now then why would I want to undo his work ? There’s one thing He really likes about the “dumb fundies”. They don’t hate the concept of his existence. I know they don’t even have proper poof of his Kingdom and His existence. And yes Pat Robinson and the type are con men and nut jobs. Droid satan has done his part of the plan well.

    So I am going to leave you now. I’ll give you one little scrap to munch on. So I will tell you where it will all start:
    Mat 24:15 When you therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoever reads, let him understand:) 16 Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains.

    Get it ? “A-Bom-i-nation” Oh but they didn’t have English back then! Oh you’re a fear monger! Oh preachers have been saying this for generations! And so on will go your denials. That won’t nullify what’s about to happen. And yes religious freaks have used such thought to manipulate the dumb. Also that fact won’t nullify what’s about to happen. And you’ll hide your fear in condescending remarks and snide jokes. Also that won’t nullify what’s about to happen. One thing I am sure of someday soon you will get the amazing proof you need.

  7. I’m going to make a prediction.

    Christ isn’t coming back anytime soon.

    They thought he was returning in Napoleon’s time following the French Reign of Terror. After all, there was certainly a “falling away form the faith.”

    Jesus even said He would return in the lifetimes of his followers; the writers of scripture didn’t think the endtimes would occur thousands of years in the future but very soon.

    What did Christ really mean?

    He was probably refering to the rise of Christianity itself. THAT was how the Son of Man would be seen “Coming in His Kingdom.

  8. BB is a liar and there is no way I’d have him in my kingdom. He’s not even that clever. Certainly not my best work. Did he seriously say that he does “science and math and stuff?” In 500 million years he will have a full 26 hours in the day to think about how much of an idiot he is. Clearly a man who has advanced himself through the known realms of math (stats and calculus and stuffz) and science would have no need to write with a level of grammar easily obtained by a groggy eyed high school student in order to portray his “ubertheories” to the layman doctoral professors. Sorry other human beings… I can barely take credit for ‘that’ one.


    P.s. …lawls… “peace”… who am I kidding, right?!?!?

  9. Well, thanks God. I appreciate the clarification. It can be very confusing as to who speaks for who.

  10. I have one thing to say, and I hope it will resonate with some of you one day. What if all things were possible with God, and he set up this universe in such a way that we are to accept his revealed word and enter a relationship through faith, not sight, because we know that he is God and can do all things? If you don’t have the capacity to consider that, then perhaps your view of God isn’t big enough to match that of the God in the books of Moses, the prophets, and the historians and apostles.

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