These are links to freethought fun and areas of interest that I have highlighted on the Freethunk homepage. More links can be found at the Freethunk Links page.


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A resource site for activism by those who like to get involved. Plenty of opportunities.

I found this article interesting. Religion is mixing itself into the stockmarket to create mutual funds of morality. It looks like God provides through the freemarket.

I wish I could attend this event, dammit. They will have guests like Dar Williams, Salman Rushdie, Paul Kurtz and more. Of course this is Harvard and I don't think I would fit in very well.

I was a bit stunned that the Penn Radio show ended so quickly. It wasn't canceled. Penn just decided he was done and was doing to be doing other things. Probably his Game Show Identity. The site may still feature archives or links to Podcast archives.

A new film is being released about abolitionism and the writing of the famous hymn. Only history shows it wasn't a quick conversion that changed this slave trader's mind. The history of the slave trade and racial inequalities has never been, pardon the pun, black and white.

FEATURED LINK: Freethought Forum
A site dedicated to connecting freethinkers, plus they've started a news section which I'm sure they would be interested in attracting some writers. Get involved if you have time.

FEATURED LINK: Mr. Deity on YouTube
Brian Dalton, ex-Mormon and a promoter of Skeptical thinking has produced his own comedy series. Michael Shermer endorsed.

FEATURED LINK: Feelings sung by Beaker
This is a clip from the Muppet Show for you Henson geeks out there. It may eventually be removed because of copyright concerns but I thought I'd post it anyhow. I guess I have some animosity towards Disney to begin with since they don't always abide by copyright law themselves and yet bully others about copyright law including daycares. Disney owns The Muppets for those of you that do not know.

FEATURED LINK: Middle Eastern Comedians
Yes, Arabs can laugh at themselves--well, some of them. This is one of the best things that could be done to begin to eradicate Muslim Fundamentalism as well as racial prejudice. Check out Comedy Central's The Watchlist. It probably will be banned by clerics, but like anything that is banned there will be Middle Eastern Teens watching in secret.

This is the Institute For Humanism's year in review using pictures and comics. Afterwards, if you scroll up they have several articles that go into detail on each feature. It's been a long year.

FEATURED LINK: Muslim Pick-up Lines
I found this rather humorous. How do you pick up Muslim women without offending Allah or all of the religious and sexual taboos?

FEATURED LINK: Deist on Top Video
The people at the Institute for Humanist Studies decided to get creative and took my Deist On Top comic and made it into a video with voices and music. Real cheezy, but then I love cheezy. See the original comic here and then go to the IHS MySpace Page --and say hi to them too. They do good work.

FEATURED LINK: Atheist Delusion Video
This Christian has figured out why atheists are deluded... Hmm, could be some sarcasm here.

FEATURED LINK: Internet Infidels Newsletter
You can receive infidel news in your email box or read news articles at their news page. If the Christians can have CBN why not tell the other side of the argument. And they won't predict the end of the world (unless it has to do with global warming).

FEATURED LINK: Super Jesus 3
The Jesus Christ Arcade has come out with another sequel to their popular Super Jesus series. This time you are out for vengeance as Allah (when is Allah not out for vengeance?).

FEATURED LINK: The Heretics of Hollywood
This is a free online book about how the evangelical movement exploited Hollwood to the best of its abilities. And oddly enough, they seem to blame Hollywood for every sin imaginable.

FEATURED LINK: The Adventures of Godless Gibley
This is just an amusing web comic someone sent me a link to. Don't judge it on the artwork alone.

FEATURED LINK: Something Positive Web Comic. Someone emailed me a link to R.K. Milholland's work because he ran a story on hellhouses and got a little flack for it. The Hell House storyline starts here. His intentions were not to offend but as I could have told him from experience, it's unavoidable when you tackle this kind of subject matter.

FEATURED LINK: KIVA Lending, Recently I featured a link to an article about which is peer to peer lending. Kiva takes on lending as a charitable role to hardworking individuals in other countries trying to get their small businesses going. This to me is better than a handout. Your loan is interest free (thus this is a humanistic investment, not a profitable one) and you are enabling the willing to provide for themselves and get out of poverty. It does involve some risk so please read everything on the site before proceeding.

FEATURED LINK: Zombietime Extreme Mohammed , I don't necessarily think you should make fun of Muslims all of the time, but definitely you should make fun of Mohammed any chance you get.
This link is dedicated to the emailer named Muhammed who sent his greetings in the form of "Fuck You."

FEATURED LINK:Frank The Financially Savvy Atheist, Kudos to Frank for dealing with finances and atheism. Here's one of his articles on Do you think credit card companies take advantage of people? Peer to peer lending may stop that and is the starting point. Hopefully some Freethinkers will start their own lending groups over there and compete with the Xian ones.

FEATURED LINK: Normal Bob Smith , Bob thinks he's normal even when he looks like the devil.

FEATURED LINK: Invisible Pink Unicorn , Atheists have been searcing for a symbol that identifies them and this might be the right one--something with sarcasm.

FEATURED LINK: Living Legends RPG , This is Jeff Dee's (one of the hosts of The NonProphets Radio Show) Role Playing Game about Superheroes. You can bug him, er encourage him, to do more updates to the site

FEATURED LINK: Hobbit Remains, Hobbits have been found, if you didn't already know.

FEATURED LINK: New York Doll Movie, This is a documentary about a former band member of the New York Dolls who converted to Mormonism which, while being pro-Mormon in nature, I think might be of interest.

FEATURED LINK: Atheist Documentary, has set up videos for the documentary "A Rough History of Disbelief". A BBC production which means the quality is usually pretty damn good.

FEATURED LINK: Kill Bunny , No, it's not Kill Bill but it's still pretty damn Good. Jesus versus the Easter Rabbit.

FEATURED LINK: The St. Nobody Journal, Factual, Unbiased, Christian Perspective. If you like The Door magazine satire you'll probably like this site.

FEATURED LINK: Secular Humanist on Al Jazeera , Someone emailed me this link that will directly open a video in your media player of choice. I don't know the whole story behind the debate but it is nice to hear a secularist on Arab TV.

FEATURED LINK: , This is a site of historical interest about the Pledge Of Allegiance. If what I see on this site is accurate then the Christians can have the Pledge Of Allegiance, God and all--I don't want it.

FEATURED LINK: Pharyngula Blog , This is a very active blog run by Biologist and Activist PZ Meyers. He also posted a discussion about the "Deist on Top" comic last week. It was fun to see the reactions.

FEATURED LINK: Homeless or Jesus, This flash toon tests your ability to distinguish Jesus from a homeless man.

FEATURED LINK: Submissive Jesus, This is the Jesus Test Product where "He" answers your prayer. Seriously this is going to be a real product. Check out the commercials.

FEATURED LINK:, I'm hoping this artist will guest spot on Freethunk but until he does please check out his site.

Creationist Fossil Shop, Get your souvenirs, young earth artifacts that are almost new.

FEATURED LINK: Sweet Reason, An advice column for humanists on their lovelife. What do you do when your significant other keeps calling out "Oh God" in bed and you're an atheist?

FEATURED LINK: , A popular science site with forums to get in on debates and comments on what's going on. Plus they help promote the Freethunk toon series.

FEATURED LINK: God Is Imaginary , 42 reasons why God just isn't there. Concise and to the point apologetics.

FEATURED LINK: Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, It's the new religion, er, cult you need to join.

FEATURED LINK: Rational Response Squad I like this site's initiative. They're doing what needs to be done--setting up a business model for their show. Check them out and lend some support.

FEATURED LINK: ACA UPDATE . Check out how active the Atheist Community of Austin is and get inspired.

FEATURED LINK: Torture Me Satan. A novelty game you can play with a valuable lesson.

FEATURED LINK: Bank of Wisdom. I'm not being paid to endorse this site's products, I just think what they offer is pretty cool.

FEATURED LINK:'s satire and funnies page.I especially liked the archived funnies of Watson Heston from the 1800s

FEATURED LINK: The NonProphets Radio Show. Now a podcast you can get on Itunes too. A personality driven show on news and debate of interest to freethinkers.

FEATURED LINK: Infidel Guy Net Radio, this is a no-brainer for those in the freethought community but if you haven't heard of Infidel Guy yet, then check him out.

FEATURED LINK: Bible Monsters. This is a great little page I found on . Did you know the Bible mentions Unicorns and Satyrs? Get out your King James Edition and see.

FEATURED LINK: Comicbook Heroes Religious Affiliations. This is a page that will tell you what religion well known superheroes are.




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