5 Most Common Mistakes in Birth Control

Betsy Coon, a Freethunk reader who has some expertise on birth control, wanted to provide an article for reference to our site visitors. Some of this is commonsense but let’s face it, we live in a world where commonsense is often ignored and has to be repeated over and over again.  I figure these listed mistakes provide some good, simple information to avoid one of the biggest mistakes a young person makes–getting pregnant before they’re ready. As always with medical information, please consult your doctor.

Estrogen pills may be used by both men and women for different reasons, but even with regular use in women to try to alter their fertility patterns, mistakes can nevertheless be made in birth control methods.

1. Not Using Protection

This is one of the biggest mistakes. Men who avoid condoms are at a tremendously higher risk of making the women they sleep with pregnant. This contraceptive mistake happens either because many within the younger generation engaging in sex do not understand the importance of using protection or they do not want to use condoms because it doesn’t feel as stimulating and pleasurable. But this may be a very costly error if the couple is trying to avoid getting pregnant.

2. Forgetting to Adopt Birth Control Pills

Some women never have a prescription for birth control pills in the first place, while others do but forget to take them. This can pose a critical hazard to an intelligent contraceptive approach between couples. These pills should be taken on a regular basis, usually at the exact same time everyday. If not, the chances of effective contraception are severely diminished and the ease of getting pregnant becomes greatly magnified. It’s really not a wise decision to miss taking prescribed pills.

3. No Intrauterine Devices

Some women want to take their chances at conceiving a child by not only not using protection or contraceptive pills but by also never getting an IUD from their gynecologist. This is an immature technique of looking at birth control since IUDs are so efficient at preventing pregnancy. While they aren’t 100% effective by any means, they’re still a fantastic birth control choice for women of most any age who are sexually active. Plus, they can be applied within a woman in a short doctor’s visit and the procedure is completely comfortable and relatively inexpensive as well. There should be no reason why women would not want to make this birth control decision.

4. Using Inefficient Withdrawal Method

Withdrawal of the erect male organ is one of the worst birth control methods ever invented. It almost never works since the temptation of the male is to continue to keep his penis inserted inside the female at the point of orgasm and ejaculation. This mistake is so costly to countless girls and women spanning various ages.

5. Having Sex During Most Fertile Time

Among the worst birth control mistakes is for a woman to engage in sexual practice during her most fertile times of the month. This really is not very logical. It makes little sense, yet it’s done on a regular basis, mostly by younger ladies who might not have the full understanding of exactly how the fertility and pregnancy processes are associated.

About the writer: Betsy B. Coon has a degree in Gynecology and blogs for the estrogenpills.org website, her personal hobby blog she uses to offer free information on estrogen pills.

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