A Movie About the Nephilim?

Here’s an odd one. The upcoming movie title is Watchers in the Heavens and Tom Swift, the filmmaker says it is about “… present day UFO and alien abduction phenomena. The movie digs deep into an exploration of the mysterious Biblical acccount of the Nephelim and the First Century Historical records of First Enoch and Jubiliees.” Mr. Swift posted his comments on ChristianFilmmakers.org.

I’m not sure if Nephelim is spelled correctly here so I’m going to go by Wiki and spell it Nephilim. The Nephilim have been argued about as to what they were. According to the Bible, in Genesis Chapter 6, the sons of God came down to earth and boinked the daughters of men. Their offspring were the Nephilim or by popular tradition “giants”.

How does this all tie in with UFOs? Even when I was a Christian I found the Nephilim disturbing because they would have been hybrids of angels and humans, or did God have actual sons and they had sex with human women?Christians tend to translate any reference to multiple gods as angels or other residents of heaven. If you read The Evolution of God by Robert Wright, however, there is a clear indication that we may be dealing with multiple gods.

Anyways, Awaken Pictures is supposed to release a preview of the first 15 minutes of Watchers in the Heavens in 2011. Is Tom Swift going to suggest that UFOs are the Nephilim? Swift also mentions Noah’s great grandfather Enoch so it may also have something to do with The Flood and how it relates to modern times. Whatever it is, it definitely sounds Sci-Fi. I hope Swift realizes he’s basing his Sci-Fi on fantasy.

2 thoughts on “A Movie About the Nephilim?

  1. Thanks mate. Nice submissions you have here. Got some extra websites to point to with more info?

  2. “Nephilim”, as derived from the Hebrew; the meaning is disputed but I personally favour “unnaturally begotten”, as describing the giant offspring of the angels and mortal women (I would do, though – I used the concept as the backbone of an entire novel).

    Personally, I’d be very sad to see such a great idea lowered to the tone of UFO-fundamentalism, when there are plenty of hard-and-fast theories regarding the origins of angels, especially the fallen variety, that fit in with established archaeology, geology, mythology and history, without reference to mythical ETs.

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